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Bin Sabry kitchens make your world easier. Because we believe that the kitchen is the kingdom of Eve, where she spends most of her time creating and making delicious food and desserts for her family and guests, and because we realize how much women care about her kitchen and her interest in obtaining a comfortable, high-quality kitchen with a modern and luxurious design, we provided you with a poly-lac kitchen manufacturing service that perfectly fits your kitchen, whatever its dimensions. .

What is SenoSan?

It is a board that consists of pressing high-density decorative paper on a board (MDF), after that we put polyethylene terephthalate (PET) on the surface to protect the board from external factors, so the polylac board is environmentally friendly.

Polylac is distinguished by the fact that it is manufactured by only one Turkish company called “GIZIR”, a leader in the field of wood products in the manufacture of decorative panels. Therefore, the material and its specifications are well known, unlike other materials that are used in the kitchen industry, which are manufactured in several countries, so it is difficult to know the raw materials and specifications of the materials well.

It is easy to get a high gloss, but the higher the gloss, the lower the scratch resistance, while the poly lacquer after applying the tests proved that it is characterized by very high gloss levels and very high scratch resistance at the same time.


Polylac is an environmentally friendly board used for decoration and consists of several layers, characterized by a high rate of heat resistance, as well as a degree of gloss in a way that resembles a mirror reflection.”

Polylac kitchen specifications

Polylac kitchen ingredients

Bin Sabry store offers you a modern wood kitchen made of polylac, consisting of:

  1. Polylac outer roll.
  2. The internal chassis of the Good Wood counter, pressed with Indian white HPL, is water and heat resistant.
  3. Austrian Blum Soft Close hinges
  4. Stainless bottom button.
  5. External, internal or stainless steel handles.

Get premium quality polylac kitchens through "Bin Sabri"

No one makes poly kitchens like “Bin Sabri”
Bin Sabry is an ancient Egyptian kitchen manufacturer and leader in the field since 2017.
Feel free to contact us so we can design your ideal kitchen.

SenoSan kitchen colors

The polylac material is distinguished by its many distinct colors, as well as exclusive colors that are not available in any other materials, which reach 40 different colors, where you can choose between warm and bright shades, between a variety of browns, black, gray, green, pink, red, and others.

The best SenoSan kitchen factories in Egypt

SenoSan Ben Sabri

Every person has his own kingdom in which he finds his comfort, and searches for warmth and attractiveness, and every woman has her most interested corner in her kitchen, where she spends hours cooking the most delicious meals and items without boredom or hardship, so she puts sprinkles of love and attention before grains of spices and flavors, and in Bin Sabri, we search every day to support every woman and return the favor to her with modern designs with high-quality materials for distinctive modern kitchens. And the highest levels of safety against heat, fire and water.

Works by Ben Sabri (SenoSan kitchens)

Here are some of our works in the field of polylac kitchens. “All exhibits are our implementation, and their presence on other pages only means that they are the best.”

Transparency is our motto

Advantages of SenoSan kitchens

Disadvantages of SenoSan kitchens

Get premium quality SenoSan kitchens through "Bin Sabri"

Bin Sabry is an ancient Egyptian kitchen manufacturer and leader in the field since 2017.

Feel free to contact us so we can design your ideal kitchen.

SenoSan uses

If you take a step forward and visit Bin Sabri, you will learn more about polylac with its wonderful advantages, as the use of polylac is not limited to designing and manufacturing kitchens only; It is also used in the manufacture of drawers for dressing rooms, as well as drawers for bedrooms, clothes, and the most important thing is the possibility of designing shelves for your favorite books from polylac.

Polylac also enters many other uses such as wall design, in addition to some home furnishings and various decorations, especially with 40 colors of polylac that the customer can choose from, in addition to entitlement to the ISO international quality certificate.

SenoSan kitchens

Polylac kitchens from Bin Sabry, with which you will feel comfort mixed with fascination. Each piece of the kitchen is designed with a charming color and accessories, with simplicity of design, and a variety of kitchen interiors, between shelves, drawers, and small and large cabinets. As for the marble of Polylac kitchens from Bin Sabry, it was carefully chosen to match With kitchen gloss and polylac luster, and most importantly, it is amazingly resistant to scratches, rust and water.

SenoSan dressing room

The dressing room has become an essential part of the house, where every customer is looking for organization and ease of distributing clothes and personal supplies, and with the polylac shelving for the dressing room, it bears scratches and has a soft gloss, and with PET technology, the polylac shelving bears all weights, as it is a technology that makes polylac more flexible, It is not subject to breakage, folding or cutting, so you can choose a modern dressing room made of polylac from Bin Sabri in different colors.

SenoSan bedrooms

Ben Sabri bedrooms made of polylacquer are modern bedrooms with distinctive finishes and high materials. The wardrobe, bed, nightstand and dresser consist of an outer roll of polylacquer, with an internal chassis countering the pyramids, with drawers made of Italian quadro soft closes, in addition to varying prices to suit all segments. To transform your bedroom into your own palace with your favorite colors and designs, you choose, and leave those small details on Bin Sabri to produce an accurate and distinctive finish for your final product.

Why SenoSan is the best ??!!

Polylac wood is an industrial wood treated with advanced technologies to represent a new development in the field of home decoration, whether for the manufacture of kitchens or bedrooms. The bright and shiny appearance of the polylac panels turns any simple design into a painting drawn with precision and creativity. The most important thing is that polylac combines elegance, endurance and safety in design. One, and Bin Sabri was able to turn these advantages into strengths that weighed their products from kitchens and bedrooms.

The resistance to scratches, in addition to the attractive appearance and the ease of cleaning and maintenance, were factors of preference that distinguished polylac kitchens from other types of kitchens, and we will make it easier for you with several simple comparisons between polylac kitchens and other materials as follows:

A comparison between SenoSan kitchens and UV Lak kitchens

If there are two types of kitchens presented to you, namely poly lac kitchens and juve lac kitchens, which one would you choose? Of course, you need more information about UV lac to decide which is the best, as UV lac is the conversion of a type of wood using a high-gloss material, and UV lac was produced by Bakish Acrylic Company.

One of the advantages that distinguishes UV Lac from the rest of the materials is the presence of countless colors that can be chosen from, in addition to its high resistance to moisture and fumes, with a high resistance level that reaches the fourth degree.

Comparison between polylac and Arkopa kitchens

The big difference between polylac kitchens and PVC kitchens; PVC kitchens are sheets of polyvinyl chloride that are widely used in the domestic and construction industries, as well as in the automotive industry. There are two types of PVC kitchens, which are hollow panels, and the second type is foam. PVC kitchens are characterized by light weight, in addition to being heat resistant, It consists of safe, harmless compounds.

PVC kitchens are also available in attractive modern colors, and they are easy to repair and make adjustments to at any time, but they are not tolerant of heavy weights, in addition to being not resistant to scratches and high temperatures like polylac kitchens.

Comparison between polylac kitchens and aluminum kitchens

Aluminum or alumetal kitchens still enjoy the trust of many customers. The aluminum material used in the manufacture of alumetal panels makes the aluminum kitchen more water resistant. However, polylac kitchens are superior to aluminum kitchens with their resistance to scratches, heat and high humidity, so you have to choose your kitchen according to the environmental factors in which you live. It has such as temperature and humidity.

Both types share the ease of cleaning, but aluminum kitchens are less expensive, but if you choose a polylac kitchen; You will choose a kitchen that is more attractive in design and choice of colors, in addition to the ease of obtaining a decoration suitable for the décor of your residential unit.

On the authority of Bin Sabri

A clear vision from the first day carried by the Bin Sabri team, which is to take off the aspirations and dreams of each client from his mind and land them in reality. Perhaps the beginning of Bin Sabri was like a thousand beginnings, in a small workshop on Street 151 branching from Al-Eshreen Street in Gesr Al-Suez in Cairo. However, the Bin Sabri train did not stop much, but rather reached many stations with success and praise from many customers who had previous experience with Bin Sabri.

Bin Sabri moved his small workshop from Street 151 to Street 125 in the same area, but with a larger factory and more advanced machines to keep pace with the needs of modern customers, and to provide the best designs of kitchens of all kinds and dressing rooms, so that the success of Bin Sabri’s achievements until the opening of the large Bin Sabri factory in Companies Street at the gas station Gamal Abdel Nasser in 2020.

Services of Bin Sabri

Bin Sabri provides its services to all customers as follows:

Accuracy in the preview before design and installation by raising the measurements accurately.
Distribute devices in an optimal way to use.
Fast delivery and installation of your product in the shortest time.
Delivery on schedule without delay.
Providing 3D designs that you can choose from.
Inspection and maintenance services after sales and installation.

Branches of Bin Sabri

Bin Sabri is located in the following branches:

  • Cairo Branches:

    • Heliopolis 
    • Maadi

    Giza branches:

    • Hadaaq al-Ahram

    Alexandria branches:

    • Miami

Our main task is to achieve what you want to design a modern kitchen that suits your taste, so send us a description of the poly lac kitchen model that you want or send a picture from Google or Pinterest, and we guarantee you a design that fully matches your request.

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